Whew! (And Wow!) (And hmmm.)

Whadda trip! 33 days. 8 countries. 6 states. 61,000 miles. 17 seminars or roundtables. (And a happy accountant & an unhappy spouse.) A lot of wear and tear on a 62-year-old body. Now I’m home in VT, having missed our spring springing, but it’s none the less utterly beautiful. For the last three days I’ve chosen mountain hikes over Blogging!

What an incredible reception everywhere! Poland! Saudi Arabia! Colombia! (My first visit to Bogotá.) South Africa! (The South African miracle just gets better and better … this was about my seventh visit.) The message was well received, and everyone was welcoming to the extreme.

Americans … the people … are very much seen as friends. As to our policies, in some cases it’s another story. To some extent that’s not fair; we the people, by collective exercise of the vote, are our policies.