In the 60s I dated a woman getting a degree at the University of Toronto. The school was great, but the city was the pits. Today, Toronto is a glorious, "with it" global metropolis. Bloor Street, where I am, is as good as the Mag Mile in Chicago.

Here to speak to the Graduate Management Admissions Council ... mostly admissions officers for MBA programs. Given my publicly known low opinion of MBAs, it's hard to figure why they invited me. Nonetheless, I'll try my best.

Only prob: temp today to go to 34C, with humidity taking the heat factor to 41C equivalent; tomorrow 38C. Yikes. (VT to get 98F tomorrow. Global broiling, anyone?)

NB: Yesterday, the Canadian gov't announced they were splitting the health department in two. The traditional bit will focus on fixing broken things. The other will be devoted Wellness & Prevention. With all the problems in Canadian healthcare, I see this as a great move!