The Ultimate "PSF"!

White semi
As almost all of you know, I'm bonkers over the Professional Service Firm idea; I think it's a survival necessity, circa 2005. Think "PSF" (if you do, I dearly hope you do), and one is likely to think Accenture, TBWA/Chiat Day, and the like.

Well, hold on. I have a new "top candidate." Though, alas, I don't know his name.

Saw him/it at an I-91 Rest Area on the way from VT to Boston. (I know, I should have stopped.) That is, the most beautifully decorated, squeaky-clean, super-cool, "startling" Big Rig I've ever seen!

What a DRAMATIC DIFFERENTIATOR! We've all seen 'em, right? The trucks that the Drivers obviously spend hours a day and many a personal dollar on to keep in spectacular shape. (And, of course, the 98% who don't. Some are of the "get by" sort, some look like shit.)

Point: Sorry if I'm the last to get it, but what better Demo is there of my Big Three: Awesome "PSF," Brand You, WOW Project?

Hats Way Off to ... ____________ .

Tom Peters posted this on June 13, 2005, in Brand You.
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