Re-imagine! Redux


If you’ve wandered into a bookstore recently you might have seen the new Tom Peters books from Dorling Kindersley. Well, sort of new. What we’ve done is to take the content from Re-imagine! and create four small-format books: Leadership, Talent, Design, and Trends. They’re called the Essentials Series. The publishers are putting on a big push, and at Barnes and Noble bookstores you’ll find all four books in their own display case.

But, please be forewarned. The material in these books is the same as in Re-imagine! Mostly. We’ve updated a few things, and added interviews with Cool Friends from the website. But the biggest difference is that Tom coauthored the Trends book with Marti Barletta, author of Marketing to Women and one of our Cool Friends. She’s put new material in Trends about the group of consumers she calls Prime Time women, boomer women who have all the money in the world and aren’t afraid to spend it. Even if you already own Re-imagine! we think you’ll find purchasing the Trends book worthwhile for the new content.

The one big advantage of these books is their size. About 4 inches by 7.75 inches. Perfect to fit in your coat pocket or to bring along on a flight. Less content to absorb in one sitting. And they are newly designed. Because of the smaller page size, the side bars from Re-imagine! have disappeared and there’s a lot of new visual imagery.

The only downside is the cost. Re-imagine! retailed for $30. Each of these four books retails for $15. So, to get all the content from Re-imagine! in the small format will cost $60. Ah, the cost of convenience. I just checked at, though, and the Essentials books are each selling for $10.20. Search at Amazon for “Tom Peters Essentials” and you’ll get to the page listing all four.

The long story behind all this is that originally Tom and I approached Dorling Kindersley to do a series of manifestos in this size. We had been thinking about producing 18 books. Dorling Kindersley liked the idea of the small books, as we called them, but since it was their first time working with Tom, they wanted to start with a “big book.” And so those 18 manifestos became chapters in Re-imagine! We’ve taken the long way around to create a series of small books with DK, but here they are. We hope you like them.