It Must Be Love!

I really do love my new Radley handbag! The reason I love it is not because of the cute little leather Scottie dog icon that is attached to every bag. Very sweet, and very collectible! It’s also not because of the stylish look and subtle contrast piping (mine is black leather with very restrained dark purple contrast).

No, the reason I am in love with my bag is that Radley designers must have been walking several miles in my shoes. They’ve introduced a fabulous innovation, called the slip pocket. This is a pocket that sits on the outside of the bag and is just big enough to slip in a rail ticket, membership card, hotel door key … etc. … etc. So, no more scrabbling around inside your bag just at the moment of truth when you need your ticket …… It has changed my life, in a small but very helpful way!

What is it that you really love about the products that you can’t live without? Is it the little things that matter to you?

Madeleine McGrath posted this on June 7, 2005, in Design.
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