Fall Reading Preview

I just had the privilege of endorsing Juan Enriquez’s latest, The Untied States of America. His As the Future Catches You was one of the best/most provocative books I’ve ever read. This is perhaps better—and surely the most unsettling tome I’ve read in a long time. Juan is professor of life sciences at the Harvard Business School—that alone is interesting, eh? Put this one beside the Pink and Florida books cited earlier as a banquet for unsettling thought. (Not to mention the China selections.)

At this incredible moment, career (and national?) survival depends on deep thought.

Another good pick for Fall that I just reviewed is The Successful Lawyer: Powerful Strategies for Transforming Your Practice. As most know, I think the “professional service attitude” is imperative for, yes, survival; and I’ve also lamented the absence of books on the topics. Here’s a partial answer—which, by the way, applies as much to an accounting or consulting practice as to a law practice.