This Is Stupid

Just got a telemarketing call from Comcast. They told me they could lower my Comcast high-speed Internet bill if I subscribed to their basic cable service. I told them that I already subscribed to their basic cable service, and, in fact, I had some premium cable services also. I said that I was excited to hear how much I, already a good customer, could save on my high-speed Internet bill.

Oops. The offer wasn’t for good customers like me. It was for non-cusotmers. WELL, THEN WHY DID THEY CALL ME? Oh, by the way—they called me over my Comcast local phone service, after I had just spent half an hour on the same phone paying for a Comcast long distance phone call.

I have been a customer of all of these services ever since they came to Chicago and took over from AT&T. What a bunch of dolts.

Steve Yastrow posted this on May 16, 2005, in Service.
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