Selling (Out) Broadway: Reprise

Last month we had a lively discussion here about how the Neil Simon musical, Sweet Charity, has agreed to a script change to promote the tequila Grand Centanario. Our discussion noted that most media stories talked about the deal between Jose Cuervo, who markets Grand Centanario, and the Broadway promoter, with very little attention to whether any consumers will be motivated to buy the tequila.

As an update to this story, the Tom Peters Wire Service lists an article from today’s Ad Age. And, here’s a recent story from the New York Times. The Times story also discussed how Hormel Foods Corporation’s Spam is a sponsor of the Monty Python hit show, Spamalot. For obvious reasons, I find this easier to swallow (the sposorship, not the Spam) than Neil Simon agreeing to change “A double Scotch, sir?” to “Grand Centanario, the tequila?”

Steve Yastrow posted this on May 24, 2005, in Marketing.
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