Right as Rain!

Well, it rarely rains in the desert, but several of my new Saudi friends nailed me dead-to-rights. As usual (Saudi or at home), I was on a hit & run mission. In this case 36 hours; my only free time was spent in prep or sleeping off the jet lag. One, CEO of an IS firm who is incidentally busy founding a University (as I said, intriguing folk), said, not with rancor, “I’d love to be your host. You should spend a week, get to know us, learn about our traditions.”

Yes! I should, and so should so many of my countrymen. I/we still might find there are points of difference (there are between SF & LA in my adopted state of California), but “getting to know you” is always more than a “good idea” … an Imperative!

So, will I? Only time will tell. But I do buy the idea, which is a small start.