Misguided to the Point of Deadly

Article in today’s Times (of London): “Forget Self-esteem and Learn Some Humility.” It’s an attack on the “self-esteem movement.” To be sure, the “movement” sets itself up for caricature. But these authors perform a DEADLY mis-service. People with HIGH self esteem are not, as the article claims, egocentric to the point of egomaniac. TO THE CONTRARY. People with high self-esteem are instead the lucky ones who are “comfortable with themselves” … hence no need for egomaniacal behavior. The egomaniacs (from Hitler to Harry next door) in fact invariably suffer from LOW self-esteem, and exhibit counter-productive self-centered behavior to compensate for how shitty they feel about themselves. The other LOW self-esteemers just cower because of their uncertainty about themselves. (Or, rather, their certainty that they are not worthy of anyone’s esteem.) The article is a travesty, and dangerous.

Genuine low self-esteem is nothing to trifle with.

Comments (starting with you, Trevor)?

Tom Peters posted this on May 17, 2005, in Brand You.
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