In Love!

Every now and then I fall in love … with a few words that conjure a Big Truth. At the moment I’m in love. As a Blue Water sailor who grew up around Annapolis (where I am right now), I devour everything I can about the great naval heroes. None more than Lord Horatio Nelson. As reported in this Blog, I recently read a new Nelson book. I gave you a summary. Fine. But one Quote has stuck in my craw as a Top 10 Universal Truth. The meticulous/academic author attributed much of Nelson’s prowess to the fact that: “[Other] admirals more frightened of losing than anxious to win.”

Ye gads! Those few words explain much (most?) of Business’s Malaise, especially in Large Firms in Turbulent Times. I was recently with a wildly successful company whose chief kept saying that his/their strategic aim was to “protect the franchise.” I put on my “Nelson hat” and claimed that such was unadulterated BS. Of course we must “protect the franchise.” But I contend (in no uncertain way) the best Protection Policy By Far is to Vigorously Pursue “Winning” rather than to expend most of one’s energy (as most do) on “Avoiding defeat.”


PLEASE: Ponder at length!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Peters posted this on May 23, 2005, in Excellence.
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