I Love (LIKE) Tim …

Tim Sanders’ book, The Like-Ability Factor, is dedicated “to my wife, Jacqueline.” She deserves it. Tim’s a nutter. (My highest praise.) Still, I thought he’d gone off the proverbial TDE/Truly Deep End when he wrote an entire book on “like-ability.” That is, I thought he’d gone off the deep end … until I read the book. (On a flight from Los Cabos, Mexico, to Dallas.) The fact is, Timmy’s .. RIGHT. Incredibly right. If you are “likeable,” the odds of “good things happening to you” go up … dramatically. The book is not only “right,” but actually “practical.” Yes, there are plausible (read “do-able”) ideas for mortals like you & me to raise our “like-ability” quotients. (Reminds me of Marty Seligman’s Learned Optimism in that regard.) Bottom line: I BELIEVE THAT (1) LIKE-ABILITY & (2) OPTIMISM & (3) ENTHUSIASM ARE THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT TRAITS THAT WE DO (or don’t) BRING TO THE PARTY. (ANY Party.)

My only concern is that Timmy sent me an inscribed book that said, “I love you, dude.” Great! But does he “LIKE” me?