Off on a nasty 3-week trip. Baltimore. Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Milwaukee. Everett, WA. Denver. Saudi Arabia. London. Warsaw. Bogotá. D.C. Copenhagen. (Home, if I’m allowed.) But here’s the question: I’m packing for three weeks (2 computers, a dozen plug adaptors, 5 back-up 1-gig memory sticks, lightweight camera, iPod, Bose headset, airplane voltage converter, etc.); my bag is FULL … but I want to stuff a backpack in for rambles. I DO!!!!! Though I’m trained as a scientist, I truly believe there is always room for “one more item” in one’s bag. Query: COULD, USING THE “ONE MORE ITEM PRINCIPLE,” ONE STUFF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE/GALAXY INTO ONE QUARTO BAG? (IS THE BAG A “BLACK HOLE”?)