Factoid #2

Some of you wondered "where I'd gone." Thanks! Here's your answer. (1) "Blogging" took over my life. Hours (& hours) (& hours) a day. I lost a life (mine) & gained a life (ours!) and decided it wasn't necessarily a totally good deal. So now I plan to "have a life" AND share a life. Okay? (Think about it. I did.) (2) We all bump up against reality from time to time. I DID. Big time. My life has been "frenetic" since the precursor to In Search Of Excellence, 27 years ago. Due to some "personal stuff," I finally decide to deal with the obvious, my "frenetic" behavior. "Going like crazy" is something I've recommended for years. I still do! It's what gets you in the history books, from T Jefferson to Jack Welch. BUT.

But ... it costs you ... BIG TIME. And, at age 62, I have begun to consider that cost. AND... consider how BEAUTIFUL my farm is in Vermont.


So ... whatever.

I'll be around.

From time to time ...

Tom Peters posted this on May 10, 2005, in Blogging.
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