Factoid #2

Some of you wondered “where I’d gone.” Thanks! Here’s your answer. (1) “Blogging” took over my life. Hours (& hours) (& hours) a day. I lost a life (mine) & gained a life (ours!) and decided it wasn’t necessarily a totally good deal. So now I plan to “have a life” AND share a life. Okay? (Think about it. I did.) (2) We all bump up against reality from time to time. I DID. Big time. My life has been “frenetic” since the precursor to In Search Of Excellence, 27 years ago. Due to some “personal stuff,” I finally decide to deal with the obvious, my “frenetic” behavior. “Going like crazy” is something I’ve recommended for years. I still do! It’s what gets you in the history books, from T Jefferson to Jack Welch. BUT.

But … it costs you … BIG TIME. And, at age 62, I have begun to consider that cost. AND… consider how BEAUTIFUL my farm is in Vermont.


So … whatever.

I’ll be around.

From time to time …

Tom Peters posted this on May 10, 2005, in Blogging.
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