Enterprise on Fire!

On one small issue (SUBSTANCE) I had troubles yesterday. My “value added” message works better in the U.S. & Ireland & Singapore & Dubai than in resource-rich Saudi. (And with the Chinese Breakout, expect energy demand & oil prices to remain stratospheric.) But “it” went well. Hence, here in London, I had a mini-epiphany. And I’ve encapsulated it in a new Title for my presentations: ENTERPRISE ON FIRE. I figured out that what I’m really “selling” is not a “detailed strategy” (much as I see it that way), but a “State of Mind.” Said “state of mind” encompasses and glorifies: Energy & Technicolor & WOW & Spirit & Entrepreneurial Spunk & Risk-taking & Wild and Woolly Innovation & Outrageously Cool Talent & Freaks & Service & Gasp-worthy (my new fav term) Experiences & Passion per se & Compassion & Grace & Independence and Individualism-at-Work & Inspired Failures & Great Leaps of Faith & Bet-the-Company (or Career) Projects.

And: This Idea (or Agenda) (ENTERPRISE ON FIRE) is as practical (necessary) in Saudi as in the U.S.A. Hence, it apparently resonates in both. (Hence, my continued employment!)

Tom Peters posted this on May 17, 2005, in Excellence.
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