Blogging Vs. Doing?

Another of the tompeterscompany! Brits joins in. Chris Nel introduces himself below. Welcome, Chris! And his offering:

As someone with a strong bias for action, I have orbited around the giant blogging hairball for some time. Provoked and convinced at the recent meeting of the potential value of blogging, I am now here!

Why ‘orbited’? … Well, my role in Tom’s business is to coach/provoke my clients, clarify and catalyse the changes they must make in their businesses in order to thrive in the b%!~*y chaos we are all facing in our organisations. The main barrier I encounter in my client businesses is beautifully described by Jeffrey Pfeffer & Bob Sutton in their book The Knowing-Doing Gap as TALK SUBSTITUTES FOR ACTION. Endless circular discussions about how to proceed. What Tom would describe as “Ready, aim,aim,aim,aim …” in an environment where survival requires a Ready.Fire!Aim. approach. AKA action.

So … When we blog, how can we ensure that we are adding to the amount of action in the world rather than the amount of chattering? What advice would you give me as a new blogger for helping others to take action?

Cathy Mosca posted this on May 6, 2005, in Blogging.
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