Tools for Women

We had a great conversation with Kirsten Osolind of the company/website re:invention, inc., recently. Her blog is in our blogroll, but we didn’t know her beyond that ’til now. In her own words:

re:invention, inc., is a marketing company for women-led businesses. We’re on a mission to build more women-led million-dollar businesses—with marketing strategy, promotions, and national public relations programs that deliver measurable results. We’ve worked with some of the nation’s premiere women entrepreneurs and their companies to help them achieve their goals and grow.

Our blog is a toolbox for women entrepreneurs. From our smart women quotes of the week and webpolls, to re:invention’s Shoe of the Week Feature, re:invention’s blog inspires, amuses, and above all, educates. The blog contains an exhaustive list of partner and business resources, valuable partner discounts, women’s quotes, polls, marketing tips, and breaking news.

Each Saturday, re:invention presents 10 Tips for 10 Million WomenTM, featuring a woman entrepreneur and her personal 10 tips for success. It’s a powerful example of “women helping women win.”

Our goal: a smartly-stocked toolbox for women entrepreneurs with practical business and marketing ideas you can use today to turn your million-dollar dream into profitable reality. Wise women entrepreneurs can submit a request to have their company featured along with their personal 10 Tips for 10 Million Women.

I go to re:invention to see the shoes (I don’t wear heels, so it’s strictly a window-shopping exercise for me, but fun!), then I invariably stay to read Kirsten’s commentary. So, women readers, take a look, see what you think.