Landmine Ad Controversy

There are plenty of advertising experts on this board, so I am really not the authority here on what qualifies as a good TV ad or a bad one. One commercial which I feel I can weigh in on is the recent UN landmines awareness spot that asks “If there were land mines here, would you stand for them anywhere?”

(…as an aside, we stand for A LOT of things elsewhere that we would not tolerate here: malaria, starvation, extreme poverty, genocide… the list goes on and on…)

This ad is controversial because it is so graphic. I believe the ad should be shown…. but I also feel the ad may be too polished… too Hollywood… you do not need actors to show the real horror of all of this.

Would love to hear from the real experts.

James Hathaway posted this on April 12, 2005, in Marketing.
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