The Larry Fray

I can’t recall ever seeing so many people wagging a figurative finger at Tom as they have in response to his call for the resignation of Harvard president Larry Summers. A few samples:

Why, exactly, should Larry Summers resign? For postulating a politically-incorrect theory? I think your comments on this topic were over-the-top.—Chuck

Somewhere along the way, resignation (instead of hari kari or paying a fine or begging) became the appropriate blue state response to scandal. I think Larry is doing women plenty of good staying right where he is.—Seth Godin

If we ask people to resign, let’s do it because they did an old-fashioned Bad Job … rather than because they say something shocking (to some) that is nevertheless still the subject of serious academic debate.—Jennifer Warwick

Or if he’d said that men are not as good at something would you expect him to resign?—Duke

Political Correctness rears its silly head again. … Should he be the scapegoat because he dared to discuss this issue?—Al Nye

… perhaps all of the hullabaloo over this speech is the public/faculty’s way of getting Summers fired. They are, in effect, pulling the guy over for having bad license plates in an attempt to catch him on a much larger charge.—Jory Des Jardins

It’s funny watching the leftist, P.C. gestapo fry one of their own.—Roy Batty (Ouch.)

“… not sure I agree with me either,” said Tom. He’s thrilled by the responses and eager for more comments on the obviously controversial hypotheses Summers discussed.

Linda Fatherree posted this on March 4, 2005, in News.
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