St Patty's Day Reprise

I shared the stage at the Annual London Business Forum yesterday with European biz strategy professor, guru & futurist Richard Scase. One topic was market demographics. Here are some observations by Richard, about markets and indeed life.

Fastest growing (and underserved) demographic … single-person households. In cities like Stockholm and London, the soloists now comprise over 60% of all households!

Factoid, in re New World Order: In England more people are employed by Indian restaurants than in steelmaking, coal mining, and ship building combined!
Males: If we retire at 60, we live to 80. (Invest in those IRAs!) If we retire at 65, we live to 70 … forget about “financial planning.” (This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this troublesome stat.)

Divorces are coming late, about age 45 to 50, when she realizes she’s saddled with the old sod for another 2 decades. M-F differences: When a woman gets married, she puts on weight, picks up her drinking, and is depressed; that’s all reversed upon divorce. When a man gets married, his weight stabilizes, his boozing lets up, and he’s happy—upon divorce, all that’s reversed. (Yeow.)

(The Pubs were bursting at the seams in London yesterday evening!)

Tom Peters posted this on March 18, 2005, in Trend$.
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