Orange is the New Pink

Finally! Dan Pink’s new web site has gone live. He’s got a blog there and info about the new book, A Whole New Mind. And it’s got a bright orange cover. Orange is hot! I just spoke with Dan yesterday, so we’ll be posting a Cool Friend interview soon.

Tom’s jacket blurb reads, “This book is a miracle. On the one hand, it provides a completely original and profound analysis of the most pressing personal and economic issue of the days ahead—how the gargantuan changes wrought by technology and globalization are going to impact the way we live and work and imagine our world. Then Dan Pink provides an equally original and profound and practical guidebook for survival—and joy—in this topsy-turvy environment. I was moved and disturbed and exhilarated all at once. A few years ago, Peter Drucker wondered whether the modern economy would ever find its Copernicus. With this remarkable book, we just may have discovered our Copernicus for the brave new age that’s accelerating into being.”

Erik Hansen posted this on March 29, 2005, in Cool Friends.
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