How will business leaders measure Mark Hurd’s success as CEO of HP?

What’s your opinion? Analysts say Mark Hurd, the new CEO of HP, is known as an operational cost cutter … but not [for] growing market share … a mystery pick out of left field … a strong contrast to Fiorina … did a good job as CEO of NCR, a company that is not on the radar screen … etc. Can he do it? Only time will tell.

Nobody is fully qualified for the HP job; there is none like it. What Hurd demonstrated at NCR is a canny mix of strategic vision and team management, coupled with hard-headed cost control. HP needs the first two like Apollo 13 needed Houston. How he will be measured will be based on the definition of “it.”

According to Tom, a great leader will have passion, a great imagination, understand the role of culture in a company’s success, act with entrepreneurship in making and executing decisions, engage the customers, hire and develop great people to be greater, have personal integrity and an ability to embrace the ongoing business disruptions. The nominating committee had these criteria in their position specification, and for Mark, put check marks next to them. (Add “risk taker” and “money maker.”)

Will Mark Hurd be measured on these criteria or on the stock price and profits? What’s your vote on this week’s CEO poll?

Juli Ann Reynolds posted this on March 30, 2005, in News.
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