From quirky to blah

“I’m happy to share some exciting news: Ofoto is now the Kodak EasyShare Gallery!” That’s what the email from Dan Carp, CEO of Eastman Kodak, told us Ofoto members. “The Kodak EasyShare Gallery will continue to offer easy access to your photos …,” yada yada.

Fine, but I’m stuck on the name. “Ofoto” was a cool name. “Kodak EasyShare Gallery” is so bland and corporate that it makes you wonder why a business can’t appreciate quirkiness. Plus, Kodak has just made it well nigh impossible for us to talk about their service. “Just stick the snap on Ofoto” works a whole lot better than “Tell you what, chums, I’ll upload that new digital image onto the Kodak EasyShare Gallery. Then we can EasyShare it the Kodak Gallery way!”

Name five honest pleasures in life that aren’t quirky. The only one I can think of is a cold drink on a hot day. The rest: Quirky.

David Weinberger posted this on March 26, 2005, in Marketing.
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