Cool Friend: Bill Birchard

Bill Birchard's most recent book is Nature's Keepers: The Remarkable Story of How the Nature Conservancy Became the Largest Environmental Organization in the World. He describes the book this way:

[Richard Goodwin] was not the founder of the organization, but he was the first one to exercise a kind of leadership that really moved it up a level in its growth. In telling his story, I really tell the story of the founding of the Conservancy. I then go through people from subsequent decades in sort of fast-forward way up to 2003, when I tell the story of the crisis that the Conservancy faced when the Washington Post did a three-day, front-page series on some of the conflicts of interest and mistakes the Conservancy had made. So by going through these peoples' stories, I bring in a lot of history. And by the time you're done, you know pretty much how the Conservancy has come to be what it is today.

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