Blogging While Black

I spent the past few days at a conference at the Harvard Neiman Foundation, sponsored by The Media Center called “Whose News? Media, Technology and the Common Good.” It was an interesting mix of mainstream journalists and bloggers. Needless to say there were many melees and everyone had something to say. The subject of blog diversity came up on the last day.

While bloggers are quick to cite all their modern virtues vis-a-vis those seemingly set-in-their-ways old media journalists, Rebecca MacKinnon pointed out one very true and unfortunate aspect of blogging: a serious lack of diversity. Mainstream media or big “J” Journalism, as we like to call it, is much more diverse than blogging.

For all the talk about “a community of voices” that blogging has created, white male voices seem to be a lot louder and well-known than others in the blogosphere.

Next week at the SXSW Conference where many bloggers will be spotted, there will be a panel called Blogging While Black, that may address this:

Although there are literally hundreds of black blogs today that were once bound together by color and attitude, their communities have diversified to encompass other social networks within the larger weblog world. Panelists will address blogging while black and discuss why the active community of black bloggers get very little recognition outside of their own social network.

Looking forward to hearing what Monique Judge, George Kelly, Jason Toney, Tony Pierce , Lynne Johnson and Tiffany B. Brown will have to say. Thanks to Jeneane Sessum, way cool Atlanta blogger, for the links.

Halley Suitt posted this on March 6, 2005, in Blogging.
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