"The" Answer:

One Friendly, Mid-size Pioneering Customer!

If you keep repeating something enough times, you come to realize you believe it! Got in a discussion with Tech Execs about some new technologies that users are slow to adopt. I heard myself chiding them in a familiar (to me) way:

“For heaven’s sake, quit trying to sell GM or P&G! Enormous companies are invariably ‘late adopters.’ (I.e., useless, sluggish twits.) The far, far better idea is to scour the world in pursuit of 2 or 3 or 4 mid-size, ‘cool,’ pioneering customers who will ‘join up’ with you to … Make Miracles Happen. Call these pioneers … Demos. Once you have a passel of mid-size ‘cool’ Demos … then and only then you can go to the Big Guys and say, ‘Don’t miss the Party, dimwits.'”

This I Believe! Change in “big” places is mostly a result of showing off “demos” from modest-sized “cool” places!

Tom Peters posted this on February 28, 2005, in Strategies.
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