Sooooo Cool!

Sign me up for an early trip, mid-2006, on Airbus' A380—if possible, one configured for Richard Branson's Virgin! Love Bold Bets! The Airbus Maxi-gamble is as heartening as P&G&Gillette is dispiriting. (Alas, I think Boeing really blew this one.) (Or even if Boeing didn't "blow it," it's a far cry from the Boeing that "insanely" bet on the Quarto 747 a few decades ago—and thus Changed the World!)

(Emirates has ordered 45 of the Big Suckers! As I mentioned after an earlier visit, the UAE seems to be doing everything in a Big Way these days. Their "democracy score" still leaves a lot to be desired, but their "Crazy Capitalist Quotient" is Off the Charts!)

Tom Peters posted this on February 1, 2005, in Strategies.
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