Scorecard …

Scorecard from today's posts:

P&G&G: Ho hum/Ugh/Who cares (excepting the 6K who will lose their jobs).
HP: Oops!
J&J/DePuySpine: Hooray!
Linux: Hooray!
Airbus: Hooray!
Woolsey-on-Enthusiasm: Hooray!
Buffet-on-Arrogant "Turnaround" Execs: Hooray!* (*Of course I acknowledge he made a ton off P&G&G.)
Washington (state) voters: Hooray!
Lack of Washington (D.C.) accountability-in-high-places: Still waiting!

(I guess it boils down to my longterm, abiding Passion for Passion & Go-for-It Innovators, and despair at Mindless Bulking-up Exercises. Not news.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 1, 2005, in Strategies.
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