Pot Boiler, Peerless Organizational Anthropology Primer

assasin.gifBrian Haig is the son of Al Haig, a West Pointer and one hell of a novelist. The President's Assassin is a no-baloney page turner (and I'm an expert here). But I call it to your attention for another reason. It is a beautiful, mischievous piece of "inside Washington" work on the bureaucratic wars that surge across the Capitol—and make us far less safe in the process. To have started the book the day we got our first meta-intelligence chief is the height of irony; Mr Negroponte will have his hands full—and the excellence of his work (or not) will determine your & your children's safety. In fact the book's anthropological excellence will resonate with anyone living in a big bureaucracy: e.g. tens of the thousands of at sea HP employees.