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We love it when a post generates lots of comments … and commenters commenting to other commenters. On Tom’s most prolific days, there are often so many comments that you may be missing some of the best/most interesting/informative. So we thought we’d bring a few to your attention from time to time, starting with these excerpts from comments on Tom’s 2/21 post “Beyond” iPod?” about the art of imperfection. There’s more where these came from … lots more.

A sampling of cogent remarks:

In the words of Joseph Chilton Pierce: “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” I say AMEN to that!—Andrew Hayden

It’s not just about design … it’s about new ideas. As Tom likely knows better than most, in many corporations a new idea can hardly ever just be attempted … it has to be ROI’d, powerpointed, teamed and thoroughly homogenized before it even gets considered for possible implementation.—jbr

But you wouldn’t want your iPod assembled “creatively” would you?—Eben Carlson

An international vocabulary:

The arabic word for this is “baraka”… roughly translated to English as “grace.” My ratty bookbag, impregnated with the grime of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Nepal, etc. has baraka.—AJ Hoge

The Japanese have a term,”mu-shin.” It is “the mind of no mind.” It means doing things reflexively. For the Star Wars fan, it was expressed by Yoda when he said, “Don’t think. Just do.”—M.R.Maguire

Call it “wabi-sabi” or “jolie-laide” [beautiful-ugly] or whatever, a bit of tension is good.—Diego Rodriguez

Reminds me of what the Italians call “bozzetto.” The first vague notions and sketches that an artist has hold truer to his/her heart than the final, overworked, over-thought piece.—Wayne Bartlett

And finally, for a smile, check out Pat’s “imperfect” mp3 players at Secondhand Monkeys where the theme is “Your player should be as unique as your music.”

Linda Fatherree posted this on February 23, 2005, in General.
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