Mars, Venus, Mom-power, Men Exit Stage Left!

“Now and in the future, the teams led by the most moms win. … The new model still demands they have leadership DNA, but it also embraces a kindler, gentler, more confident version of the old model; a big heart and a strong character are now as important as being a strong person. Leaders who only have the hard skills simply aren’t suited for today’s business climate. Many of these types are still running companies, but the tide is turning and their days are numbered. As everyone is well aware, company populations are going to become more rather than less diverse, companies will be dealing with more rather than fewer changes, and the pace is going to quicken even further. As a result, leaders must become much more efficient at managing chaos and much more competent at dealing with the human side. Overall, they must possess the interpersonal skills and character to adapt to both new realities.” —Moe Grzelakowski, “Maternal Trends in the Business World” (Mother Leads Best: 50 Women Who Are Changing the Way Organizations Define Leadership) (Ms G held very senior leadership positions at places like Dell.)