Lifesavers with Wings

It made my heart soar to read yesterday’s entry at, “The Daily Cents.” It described a program that takes innovation and strategic partnering to the skies. Based in White Plains, New York, Corporate Angel Network arranges free air travel for cancer patients, and for donors and recipients of bone marrow transplants, to help them get to treatment centers across the country.

At an office donated by Westchester County Airport, approximately 50 part-time volunteers and a handful of paid staff work with patients and families, physicians and treatment facilities to coordinate thousands of flights a year. They also work with major corporations that donate money or, even better, seats on their corporate jets. Over 500 top corporations, including a number from the Fortune 500, take part in the program.

It’s good to know that there is a story of good will and generosity from America’s business community, along with all the stories of greed and corruption we read so often (Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, et al.). Let your heart soar. Visit their website and consider contributing to their efforts.