Just Desserts for Centralizers!

Spoke 2 weeks ago to a feisty J&J division—DePuy Spine. J&J.2005 is more or less J&J.1980 that I researched for In Search of Excellence. But before the ink on the pages of that book was dry, HP’s CEO John Young was hiring MBAs & centralizing formerly feisty HP. Dave Packard called him on it. But ghost-of-Dave couldn’t hold out forever. Carly, for all her merits & demerits, was a through & through … CENTRALIZER! She was from the git-go appalled at HP’s residual divisional autonomy. And attacked it … ever so effectively.

Axiom: In the long haul … CENTRALIZERS LOSE!
(Trust me.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 15, 2005, in Strategies.
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