Hummingbird Hums!

Spoke to Hummingbird’s customers in Miami yesterday. Gawd, I love … LOVE … the “IS/IT Revolution.” Hummingbird is a leader in IECM … duh … Integrated Enterprise Content Management. It’s not quite Siebel, or Oracle. Or SAS. Or IBM. It’s just … whatever. Software that helps us suck good shit from other software and figure stuff out. (Right?) The point is that it’s where the world’s heading! I wish I were 20 or so years younger. I have this Huge Desire to be a CIO. I wanna make “all this stuff” work together to do Miracles! Because Miracles ARE possible! (DAMN IT!) That’s actually how I positioned the speech—I said that if these folk weren’t miracle workers they were weenies. They have … Tools to Change the World! And if they’re using said tools for mere “continuous improvement,” then they don’t … Get It!

Anyway, I had a ball, challenging & provoking! I’m old. I’m tired. I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH OR ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN REVOLUTIONARY ASPIRATIONS! (Okay?)

Fact: I LOVE MY WORK! (I hope you do.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 9, 2005, in Excellence.
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