Hummingbird Hums!

Spoke to Hummingbird's customers in Miami yesterday. Gawd, I love ... LOVE ... the "IS/IT Revolution." Hummingbird is a leader in IECM ... duh ... Integrated Enterprise Content Management. It's not quite Siebel, or Oracle. Or SAS. Or IBM. It's just ... whatever. Software that helps us suck good shit from other software and figure stuff out. (Right?) The point is that it's where the world's heading! I wish I were 20 or so years younger. I have this Huge Desire to be a CIO. I wanna make "all this stuff" work together to do Miracles! Because Miracles ARE possible! (DAMN IT!) That's actually how I positioned the speech—I said that if these folk weren't miracle workers they were weenies. They have ... Tools to Change the World! And if they're using said tools for mere "continuous improvement," then they don't ... Get It!

Anyway, I had a ball, challenging & provoking! I'm old. I'm tired. I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH OR ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN REVOLUTIONARY ASPIRATIONS! (Okay?)

Fact: I LOVE MY WORK! (I hope you do.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 9, 2005, in Excellence.
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