How Nimble Are You?

A guest appearance from our friend Valarie Willis. Thanks, Val!

When I read the release about Carly Fiorina leaving HP, I was struck by this phrase: “more nimble and innovative.” Carly Fiorina probably had a tough time trying to get the behemoth of an organization to become nimble and innovative, but there is a lesson here for all of us. Today’s world is about speed, nimbleness, and innovation. I watched some ice skating over the weekend and I was amazed at the skaters’ graceful nimbleness, yet focused determination to perform with excellence. The skaters were well choreographed and were in perfect alignment.

Hmmm, how aligned is your organization? Is your organization ready to “ice skate” its way to innovation with excellence and nimbleness?

Valarie D. Willis

Val Willis posted this on February 10, 2005, in Excellence.
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