Driven By "Fury"!

Writer-editor-historian-man of the world Harold Evans has problems with Aviator. He thinks the Main Man in the airline revolution was not Howard Hughes, but PanAm boss Juan Trippe, and he makes a good case:

"What drove Trippe? A fury that the future was always being hijacked by people with smaller ideas—by his first partners who did not want to expand airmail routes; by nations that protected flag carriers with subsidies; by the elitists who regarded flight, like luxury liners, as a privilege that could be enjoyed only by the few; by the cartel operators who rigged prices. The democratization he effected was as real as Henry Ford's."—Harold Evans on Juan Trippe, the PanAm boss who brought the B747 to life (WSJ/02.24.2005)

I believe, in general, that the Mother of Innovation is ... FURY. Anger at the way things are coupled with a Vision of the way things might be. Find me someone with equanimity about life's turmoil ... and I'll find you a loser! (Harsh words, I know. And hardly fair. Oh well.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 28, 2005, in General.
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