A Dedication!

Ray.jpgI never (or at least rarely) “dedicate” a presentation. But I will today, and for the foreseeable future.

The slide following my title slide will read: “For Ray.”

This weekend Susan & I watched on DVD the movie Ray.

To be sure, it is a marvel. But the excellence of the movie per se is not the Inspiration for the Dedication.

My point: Ray Charles is the embodiment of the Spirit of Re-imagine! Time and time and time again he chose to Invent & Go His Own Way, to spit in the face of his prior winners, his assured cash flow, his powerful advisors … and march in the totally new musical direction his Spirit willed him to march.

Surely the movie is a marvelous story of overcoming adversity, from blindness to race to drugs to fame itself. But for me it was, above all, a … Matchless Tribute to the Power & Glory of Gutsy, Lonely Re-imaginings!

To Ray Charles!
(Check it out!)

(NB: I’m no great movie aficionado, but Jamie Foxx as Ray surely seems Oscar-worthy to me.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 14, 2005, in Brand You.
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