A Dedication!

Ray.jpgI never (or at least rarely) "dedicate" a presentation. But I will today, and for the foreseeable future.

The slide following my title slide will read: "For Ray."

This weekend Susan & I watched on DVD the movie Ray.

To be sure, it is a marvel. But the excellence of the movie per se is not the Inspiration for the Dedication.

My point: Ray Charles is the embodiment of the Spirit of Re-imagine! Time and time and time again he chose to Invent & Go His Own Way, to spit in the face of his prior winners, his assured cash flow, his powerful advisors ... and march in the totally new musical direction his Spirit willed him to march.

Surely the movie is a marvelous story of overcoming adversity, from blindness to race to drugs to fame itself. But for me it was, above all, a ... Matchless Tribute to the Power & Glory of Gutsy, Lonely Re-imaginings!

To Ray Charles!
(Check it out!)

(NB: I'm no great movie aficionado, but Jamie Foxx as Ray surely seems Oscar-worthy to me.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 14, 2005, in Brand You.
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