100 Ways to Succeed #59:


I’ve stuck through thick & thin with Steve Jobs … and never lost faith. How can you lose faith with someone who incessantly aims for “Insanely Great”?

I’m writing about the ubiquity of the Professional Service Firm IDEA at the moment … in a world where every “ordinary” job & project is at risk.

My mind is on (obsessed with):

Insanely Great!
“GASPWORTHY” Outcomes!
Dreams Come True!/Dream Merchants!
Scintillating EXPERIENCES!
“Game-changer” Customer Solutions!

So here is my challenge-for-the-day. Before you knock off work … TODAY … make one, small move with your current project in the direction of … INSANELY GREAT!


(Am I “out to lunch”/”OUTTATOUCHWITHREALITY” with a challenge like this! Or is it, as I see it, a … Survival Issue? Remember Tom’s Fav Phrase: DISTINCT … or EXTINCT!)

Tom Peters posted this on February 17, 2005, in Success Tips.
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