100 Ways to Succeed #56:

Launch Project “Ray File”!

Watch Ray.
(Preferably with close colleagues.)
Make a detailed chart of his Re-imaginings.
(They will stagger you!)

Re-visit your “Lovemark.”
Is it Clear?
Is it (per Ray) … You?
Does it make you “chuckle” … it’s so Cool?
Does it make you “Gasp” … it’s so Audacious?
Does it embarrass your friends? (Always a good sign.)
Is it where you wish to … Post Your Claim to Immortality?

Start a “Ray File” … or a “Re-imaginings File” … or a “Lovemark File.”
Scribble musings about your Lovemark/Re-imaging.
Cut out pictures.
Save Posts.

(But why not start today with a simple DVD rental?)

Tom Peters posted this on February 14, 2005, in Success Tips.
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