100 Ways to Succeed #56:

Launch Project "Ray File"!

Watch Ray.
(Preferably with close colleagues.)
Make a detailed chart of his Re-imaginings.
(They will stagger you!)

Re-visit your "Lovemark."
Is it Clear?
Is it (per Ray) ... You?
Does it make you "chuckle" ... it's so Cool?
Does it make you "Gasp" ... it's so Audacious?
Does it embarrass your friends? (Always a good sign.)
Is it where you wish to ... Post Your Claim to Immortality?

Start a "Ray File" ... or a "Re-imaginings File" ... or a "Lovemark File."
Scribble musings about your Lovemark/Re-imaging.
Cut out pictures.
Save Posts.

(But why not start today with a simple DVD rental?)

Tom Peters posted this on February 14, 2005, in Success Tips.
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