Re-imagine a Life Without the Right to Choose

Okay, it was Sunday and Ski-day, but did you catch the historical news? Lines of people, one for men and another for women, stood waiting patiently to cast one PRECIOUS vote in the first election that allowed people to express their minds and their hearts without losing them. And it was the first in five decades. FIVE DECADES is a lifetime.

Re-imagine a life without the power to vote, to have a say. Sounds terrible and out of control, eh? Out-of-control is what stresses us out to that state where stress makes us stupid and, ultimately, contributes to sickness and shortens longevity—i.e., stress makes us dead. But it sounds too much like life in the corporate fish bowl where lack of control, due to an inability to have a say, takes a serious cut into health, the ability to stay at the front of the pack and to stay in it for the long run.

Re-imagine a life in the wide world of work that embraces the ability to choose your destiny, to exert control, to VOTE. Now that’s worth standing in line and playing-to-win! Proactive, provocative, really going for it! That’s a life worth living and loving whether you’re a solo flyer, a contributing team member fielding hockey pucks or corporate takeovers, or a global competitor.

What would you do to defend, or obtain, your right to vote? What would you choose or not choose in the workplace setting where you “spend” most of your life? What will you do today?

Pam Brill posted this on January 30, 2005, in News.
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