On the Road Again

Interlaken. Switzerland. Global warming? I don't know ... but no snow here in the Alps. On the other hand, surrounded by the most gorgeous peaks imaginable! Temperature about 35ºF, which doesn't deter the Swiss from gathering at outdoor cafes for a 4pm beer or glass of wine. (Schnapps?) Para-gliders gracefully landing in the park across from my hotel. Altogether, um, Swiss. Serene. An oasis? Gas about 6 bucks a gallon next door ... and yet people continue to cope. If ours were $6 ... we'd doubtless not be fighting in Iraq. (On the other hand we'd be fighting at home!)

"It" begins! On the road again! (I figure tomorrow's speech-seminar will be about #2,601 since I started "this stuff" in 1978.) Happy 2005!