Later that Same Day

Stow Boyd and our friend Halley Suitt spoke about “True Voice: The Art and Science of Blog Writing.” The point of which was, well, write well. Easier said than done. Granted. But practice practice practice always helps. My general sense of the conference so far is of two colliding contingents, the techies (who are all over the technology aspect of blogging), and the writers. The thing is, it’s easier to learn new technologies than it is to learn to write. And a lot of folks here are clearly uneasy about the writing part. A lot of questions about voice and authenticity and making a fool of oneself are things that would be covered in any writing 101 course. There’s a lot of unease about writing, about exposing oneself—to the world. It will always boil down to “write what you care about.” Your audience will find you (with a little help from Trackback and search engines, of course.)

I’m looking forward to today’s sessions, which will deal more with marketing and PR strategies and corporate blogs.

Erik Hansen posted this on January 25, 2005, in Blogging.
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