"It's been a great year for New England Sports"

—Fearless Pats’ Quarterback, Tom Brady!

Okay, I get it. Politics and sports, especially when you’re a diehard Sox (as in THE Red Sox) and Pats and Bruins (remember the Stanley Cup?) fan may not be the politically correct blogging topics. Sadly, from living in NY and rooting for THE Sox in Yankee Stadium, I am fiercely aware that the topic of sports and politics can provide food for fight versus food for thought.

But who can resist, and who can sleep, on this historic night as Beantown marches toward yet another sport-on-record and we are dancing in the streets, or at least on snow-covered pathways! Go Pats Go!

Rejoicing aside, consider this—those guys played an awesome game (in the true sense of that word, I am in awe). They were “in the Zone”—focused, confident, and pumped as they faced the challenges of a level playing field and, then, the challenge of overdog at the start of the second half when “the other team” came on strong on their home turf—maybe a little too strong?

Consider this: What are the parallels to business? The pressures to achieve and push just enough but not over the edge, joys of success and being the overdog, and the agony of defeat on the wide world of sports are a lot like those on the wide world of work. What does it take to win and stay in the game when the pressure is on and you face a world class competitor? Ask Robert Kraft, Pats owner—”we’re going to enjoy this moment for a while.” Go Pats Go!

Pam Brill posted this on January 24, 2005, in News.
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