I Hate MBAs/Redux

Just a thought: Who, in their Right Mind would grow up desiring to be a "Master" of "Administration"? (E.g.: "I can file faster than you can! And prove it! After all, I'm a Master of ADMINISTRATION!")

Whoops, there I go again! I don't "hate" MBAs. I just bloody well wonder what kinda person would want to be a "master" of "administration"—when, say, you might have become a Snowboard Instructor at Stratton! (Or at least if you are determined to be an "MBA," join me and become a Master Bullshit Artist! Or better yet, MBAWGTFTCPLLACCEOI—MasterBullshitArtistWhoGetsToFlyToCoolPlacesLikeLisbonAndCallCEOsIdiots.)

Tom Peters posted this on January 21, 2005, in Education.
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