Fem-Tech Is Big Business

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a technophile’s dream. Some of the products are available now; some are “coming soon”; and others, such as Samsung’s $40,000 80-inch plasma TV, are clearly not meant for mere mortals.

Since women are spending about $55 billion a year on the latest electronics, the Technology Is A Girl’s Best Friend showcase had its own awards, based on “form, function, overall ease of use, and how these products enhance the daily lives of female consumers.” GE’s GlamCam, a portable webcam/digital camera/mirror, made the list of honorees, but someone had the good sense to put the Roomba in a different awards category.

At the Consumer Electronics Association site, you can browse through gizmos such as a movie player for your iPod, Sony’s portable PlayStation, and video eyewear, and read complete transcripts of keynote speeches by Bill Gates, Carly Fiorina, Craig Barrett and others.

Linda Fatherree posted this on January 11, 2005, in Trend$.
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