Dinero Rapido

My son is learning Spanish and when I go to the ATM with him, I always let him pick “Espanol” in the first screen and then we try to figure out all the vocabulary. He’s gotten good at “Dinero Rapido $60” which means “Quick Cash,” that’s for sure.

I love learning languages, and I take advantage of every opportunity I get to learn them. New technology affords quite a few.

Try a few of these language lab mind stretchers: switch your cell phone to another language (mine’s in French to help me brush up on French telecom words); thanks to DVDs, you can watch a movie with subtitles (or dubbed) in another language very easily, it’s fun; if you’re making a routine 1-800-number-type call and they give you the option to pick another language, just do it for the hell of it. And did you know your iPod will speak to you in a few different languages? Achtung Baby!

Halley Suitt posted this on January 23, 2005, in General.
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