Big Day!

Today Is a BigDay! 01.27.2005 is the 6-month Anniversary of my modest blogging experiment. I celebrate it, not with a Long Blog, but with a short one.

Snow [LOTS OF] kept me from the BizBlogging Conf in SEATTLE. So while my Partner, Erik Hansen, attended, I stayed home ... AND WROTE. To be precise (more or less), 35,000 words. You'll see the fruits in a coupla weeks. Erik has Blogged the conference beautifully, and I've done my thing.

What else can I say? The ... WHOLE IDEA ... of the "Blogging Bit" is Honest Reporting ... eh?

(If there is ... EVER ... a ... Hint of Bullshit ... in This Space ... YOU will Call Me On It!

(I Love That.)

Tom Peters posted this on January 27, 2005, in Blogging.
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