Tidal Surge

Dubai. Lounge reading. Flying to London. More HEADLINES:

“EU Spells Out Trade Threat From China. Asia Storms On Every Front”—The Daily Telegraph/11.30.04

“China, ASEAN Sign Accord To Lift Tariffs By 2010″—The Wall Street Journal Europe/11.30.04 (thus creating “the world’s biggest free-trade area”)

“Markets Covet China IPOs”—The Wall Street Journal Europe/11.30.04

“The Three Scariest Words In U.S. Industry: ‘The China Price.’ A Massive Shift In Economic Power Is Underway.”—BusinessWeek/Cover/12.06.04 (A little piece inside the Cover Story is titled “Does It Matter If the U.S. Isn’t No. 1?”)


Tom Peters posted this on December 1, 2004, in News.
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