The Difference Is Profound II

Been studying the M-F thing for close to a Decade. Reading Anita Shreve (see immediately above) revived my awareness that my professional language-approach, the words I use, the stories I tell, my pace, my mannerisms … are in a Foreign Language for women. A thousand subtleties (not so subtleties!) of my language-approach-posture-tonality-etc. are … All Male. (No matter how aware … intellectually … I am of differences. And I am Very Aware … intellectually.) I am in fact fascinated at how incredibly little progress I’ve made … or am capable of making.

And just think of how backwards the ones are who have not gone through my self-inflicted, decade-long “Awareness 101” tutorial.

I don’t even understand how Ms and Fs get through the days together at work or at home. Well, I guess on second thought … we often-usually don’t.

Business implications: Again … PROFOUND.

Tom Peters posted this on December 20, 2004, in Trend$.
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