The Difference Is Profound II

Been studying the M-F thing for close to a Decade. Reading Anita Shreve (see immediately above) revived my awareness that my professional language-approach, the words I use, the stories I tell, my pace, my mannerisms ... are in a Foreign Language for women. A thousand subtleties (not so subtleties!) of my language-approach-posture-tonality-etc. are ... All Male. (No matter how aware ... intellectually ... I am of differences. And I am Very Aware ... intellectually.) I am in fact fascinated at how incredibly little progress I've made ... or am capable of making.

And just think of how backwards the ones are who have not gone through my self-inflicted, decade-long "Awareness 101" tutorial.

I don't even understand how Ms and Fs get through the days together at work or at home. Well, I guess on second thought ... we often-usually don't.

Business implications: Again ... PROFOUND.

Tom Peters posted this on December 20, 2004, in Trend$.
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