Populism Rules!

Just back from London. Susan made three brilliant restaurant choices during our brief 2-day stay. She gets the lion's share of the credit—and the rest goes to Zagat's. How did we live without 'em? Bigger point: Amazon and Zagat's are part of the Populist-Web Megatrend. I trust Amazon reviewers (collectively) far more than the peculiarities of the New York Times Book Review. And I trust Zagat's far more than Frommer's or some Blue-Green-Red guide. The Web is the Great Democratizer—and I also refer you again to Mr Suroweicki's The Wisdom of Crowds (see above, MVP awards). Crowds often "get it right"—and I for one salute the "crowd" of volunteers at Zagat's that contributed to my gustatory wellbeing in London.